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James Hamson
James Hamson

James is our Executive Chairman.

James started his working career at the ANZ Investment Bank, working in Corporate Finance/Mergers and Acquisitions, before moving on to pursue his dreams!

He is co-founder of Nitro PDF and co-founder of Aframe Ltd which was recently taken over by the Salmat Group (Australian Stock Exchange code SLM).

James has a Bachelor of Education, Business Studies, Post Graduate Certificate in Computer Education and a Master of Information Technology in Education from the University of Melbourne.

Between rounds of golf and his love of all sports, James is busy running the Hamson Design Group.

James believes that some of the best ideas come from 'you' the client, so he looks forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

Just remember, he's only one click away and he would love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world.

'Lets talk'

Jules Hamson
Jules Hamson

Jules is our Design & Development Director.

Jules is busy working on a new range of practical products for our 'kiddie up' brand.

Jules has a Bachelor of Graphic Design and worked in publishing before getting married and starting a family.

Jules believes in original, high quality design, and battles to keep her home free from tacky merchandised products.

Over the last decade Jules has developed an extensive bank of images and product ideas which she hopes may finally see the light of day.

Jules' images are original, fun, and colourful, often inspired by memories of an Australian childhood, appealing to both children and adults.

Justin Tickner

Justin is our Managing Director.

Justin started his career with, and spent 7 years working for, the ASX-listed Salmat Group, as part of their internal online training organisation.

Justin has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce majoring in Human Resources, as well as a Bachelor of Multimedia Systems, both from Monash University.

Outside of Hamson Design Group, Justin is an avid hockey and volleyball player as well as a casual golfer.

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